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Xyn Sketches | 1

A collection of sketches for character and creature concepts.

1. Whale Bouncer
2. Scarf Bearer
3. Orc Berserker

More to come in landscape format.

Xyn digital xynsketches whalebouncer

Whale Bouncer - I once met a bouncer and for entrance to the club, he posed me three questions about whales, I should have been suspicious but accepted the challenge, I answered all of them wrong, I then posed 3 to him, he got them right. Dont mess wit WB

Xyn digital xynsketches scarfbearer

Scarf Bearer - I took a photo of my friend on the phone, and this silhouette appeared in this shape, and I drew something inside that silhouette to make this freak.

Xyn digital xynsketches ogreberserker

Orc Berserker - Just a Massive Orc , with a blade in his back he uses to roll over enemies and attack bigger things from below.